'Daechi-dong Scandal' starring Ahn So-hee will be released in June
'Daechi-dong Scandal' starring Ahn So-hee will be released in June
Actress Ahn So-hee's upcoming film 'Daechi-dong Scandal' has confirmed its theatrical release in June and released a teaser poster.

'Daechi-dong Scandal' is a story about a meeting between Il-im, a lecturer, and Gi-haeng, a school teacher, being witnessed in 'Daechi-dong', a battleground for private education and a gathering place of desire. As a result, rumors spread about test questions being leaked, and Yoon-im encounters the college days he wanted to forget. Ahn So-hee, Park Sang-nam, Takuya, and Jo Eun-yu appear.

'Daechi-dong Scandal' depicts college entrance exams, jealousy and love during immature days, and dreams and reality, all set against the background of a special space called Daechi-dong, the battlefield of private education. Director Kim Soo-in, who directed the movie 'Alone' and is in charge of writing and adapting various films, took charge of directing.

Ahn So-hee takes on the role of Yoon Im, a talented Korean language instructor in Daechi-dong. Yoon Im is a character whose perfect life in Daechi-dong is shaken by the appearance of Ki-haeng, her classmate and ex-boyfriend in the creative writing department. Ahn So-hee portrays everything from a lecturer in her 30s to her fresh college days with her unique charm.

Park Sang-nam, who appeared in the dramas 'You and My Police Class', 'Military Prosecutor Doberman', and 'Holy Idol', played the role of Ki-haeng, a Korean language teacher at Daechi-dong Girls' Middle School. In addition, Takuya, who appeared in the entertainment shows 'Non-Summit' and 'Talk Partner 25 Hours', enriches the story by playing the role of Michio, a bright second-generation Korean-Japanese lawyer without any solutions. Actor Jo Eun-yoo, who has shown a variety of characters through numerous works such as the dramas 'Fight for My Way', 'Voice 3', and 'Doctor Cha Jeong-sook', plays the role of Yun-im's best friend and novelist Na-eun, adding subtle tension to the film.

The released teaser poster catches the eye with the intelligent visuals of Daechi-dong Ilta instructor Yoon Im and the handwriting expressing a Korean language instructor. The copy of 'Why couldn't we be honest with each other back then?' combined with Ahn So-hee's perspective stimulates curiosity about what kind of wounds and agony there were around Yun Im's college days. Also, it raises curiosity as to what effect the tag 'At that time it was heartbreaking, now it is cold' may have had on the current Yun Im.

‘Daechi-dong Scandal’ will be available in theaters nationwide in June.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google