Lee Mi-sook was impressed by Kang Dong-won's perfect appearance.
Lee Mi-sook was impressed by Kang Dong-won's perfect appearance.
'The Plot' actors showed off their acting chemistry.

On the 29th, a production briefing session for the movie 'The Plot' was held at CGV Yongsan I-Park in Hangang-ro-dong, Seoul. Director Lee Yo-seop and actors Kang Dong-won, Lee Moo-saeng, Lee Mi-sook, Kim Shin-rok, Lee Hyun-wook, Jeong Eun-chae, and Tang Jun-sang attended.

'The Plot' is a movie about the story of Yeong-il, a designer who manipulates a contract killing into an accidental death and gets caught up in an unexpected incident.

Kang Dong-won played the role of Yeong-il, a designer who manipulated the commissioned murder into an accidental death. Yeongil, who leads the Samkwang Security Team, is called a tin can because no records remain in the world.

Samgwang Security team members include Lee Moo-saeng, Lee Mi-sook, Lee Hyun-wook, and Tang Jun-sang. Lee Moo-saeng played Lee Chi-hyeon, an insurance expert in charge of handling accidents. Lee Mi-sook plays Jackie, a veteran team member at Samkwang Security who has been working with Young-il the longest. Lee Hyun-wook played the role of Wolcheon, a camouflage genius. Tang Jun-sang played Jeom-man, the timid youngest newcomer.

Jeong Eun-chae played the role of Joo Young-seon, who commissioned Young-il to carry out a contract murder. Kim Shin-rok appears as Yang Kyeong-jin, a detective from the accident investigation department who is in charge of the case manipulated by Yeong-il.

Lee Mi-sook, who is making a comeback on the screen after 6 years, said, "It was refreshing. It was the opposite of the roles I had played before. I wondered if I could really do it well. I wanted to do it well. Maybe I was just greedy. It was a new role. It was attractive." . He then laughed and said, "I haven't even seen the movie yet. I'm looking forward to it too."

When asked about acting chemistry with the actors, Lee Mi-sook laughed and said, "I listened to everyone carefully." He continued, “I’m originally a fan of Kang Dong-won, but I got angry because he had something so good. “I talked to my colleagues about how to find fault,” he joked. He continued, “Lee Hyun-wook also acted with a unique feel. “It was good,” he praised. Also, “We raised Tang Jun-sang very well. I also like Kim Shin-rok and Jeong Eun-chae. “I thought I could learn acting,” he said, praising his juniors.

'The Plot' will be released on May 29th.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google