'THE ROUNDUP: PUNISHMENT' has been pre-sold in 164 countries
'THE ROUNDUP: PUNISHMENT' has been pre-sold in 164 countries
The movie 'THE ROUNDUP: PUNISHMENT' was pre-sold in 164 countries around the world before its domestic release, achieving the feat of recording the largest overseas sales in the series.

'THE ROUNDUP: PUNISHMENT' is the return of the monster detective Ma Seok-do (played by Don Lee) against villain Baek Chang-gi (played by Kim Moo-yeol), a former special forces mercenary who runs a large-scale illegal online gambling organization, and IT industry genius CEO Jang Dong-cheol (played by Lee Dong-hwi). A film depicting a crime eradication operation carried out by Soo (played by Park Ji-hwan), the Kwangsoo Unit, and the Cyber Team.

'THE ROUNDUP: PUNISHMENT' is once again making history after becoming the first Korean series film to be invited to the Berlinale Special Gala section of the 74th Berlin International Film Festival last February. Ahead of its domestic release on the 24th of this month, it has achieved the remarkable feat of being pre-sold in 164 countries around the world. In addition, as the series continues, its scale grows, truly proving that the 'THE ROUNDUP' series is a representative Korean action series loved around the world. Following the pre-sale of 'THE ROUNDUP 2' in 132 countries and the pre-sale of 'THE ROUNDUP 3' in 158 countries, 'THE ROUNDUP: PUNISHMENT' broke the sales record of the existing series and achieved pre-sale in 164 countries, the largest volume in the series. The box office record is attracting attention.

'THE ROUNDUP: PUNISHMENT', which has been pre-sold in 164 countries, will be released sequentially overseas starting with its domestic release on the 24th. Starting with Indonesia (released on April 24th), Australia/New Zealand (released on April 25th), Taiwan/Mongolia (released on April 26th), Hong Kong/Singapore (released on May 1st), and Malaysia/Brunei (released on May 1st) Released on the 2nd), North America and the UK (released on May 3rd), Cambodia (released on May 14th), and Thailand (released on May 30th).

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google