Filming for 'The Guardian' starring Nam Woo-hyun, who overcame rare cancer, has ended.
Filming for 'The Guardian' starring Nam Woo-hyun, who overcame rare cancer, has ended.
The action movie 'The Guardian' starring INFINITE member and solo singer Nam Woo-hyun has completed all filming in Manila, Philippines and has begun post-production in Korea.

'The Guardian' is an action movie that tells the story of a young man who risks everything to save his mother who was kidnapped by a Korean gang in the Philippines.

Park Do-jun (played by Nam Woo-hyun) gave up his dream of becoming a national taekwondo player and settled in the Philippines for his mother. Kim Mi-jin (played by Park Eun-hye), who had a reputation as a successful Korean career woman in Manila, Philippines, fell into the abyss for a moment due to gambling, but does her best as a mother to protect her son. Actor Han Jae-seok, who focused on overseas activities in Vietnam and the Greater China region, plays the role of Cha Dong-cheol, the boss of the largest Korean organization in the Philippines, and shows off his presence by returning as the worst villain. In addition, unique personalities such as Kim Ok-joo, who gained attention by appearing as Jeon Doo-gwang's wife in the movie 'Spring in Seoul', scene-stealer Kim Ji-oh, who has accumulated acting skills for a long time in various works such as plays and musicals, and Filipino youth star Yassi (Yassi Pressman) with 10.3 million followers on Instagram. A large number of actors with acting skills appear.

In particular, Nam Woo-hyun, who overcame rare cancer and attempted his first action movie, is receiving attention for his exciting action scenes.

'The Guardian' is scheduled to complete post-production and visit audiences in the second half of this year.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter
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