Lee Hyun-woo "I am 200% satisfied with long hair"
Lee Hyun-woo "I am 200% satisfied with long hair"
Lee Hyun-woo was satisfied with his long hair in 'Dog Days'.

On the 7th, I met Lee Hyun-woo from the movie ‘Dog Days’ at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Seoul.

'Dog Days' is an omnibus film depicting new relationships and changes that begin when various characters surrounding a dog form an unexpected bond. Lee Hyun-woo played the role of Hyun, a band leader who unexpectedly takes charge of his girlfriend Sujeong's dog, Sting.

In the play, Hyeon has long hair. Lee Hyun-woo said, "It's a wig. But I had to do it naturally, so I grew my hair quite a bit."

Hyeon appears with his long hair tied up tightly. Regarding the long hair style, Lee Hyun-woo said, "Each person's opinion may be different. Even my acquaintances say, 'This is my first time seeing this style, and it suits me well,' while others say, 'How did you end up with that hair style?'" I burst out laughing. He continued, “This is the style I decided upon after testing with the makeup team. I was satisfied with Hyun’s appearance on screen.”

Jinju, who worked with him on the movie 'Hero', said she was surprised by Lee Hyun-woo's long hair style after watching 'Dog Days'. Lee Hyun-woo said, "After the movie, my sister asked me, 'No, Hyun-woo. What's going on? What's on your head? Is it a beehive?' “That’s right,” he said, laughing. He continued, “I probably said this because I wanted to appear taller.”

Hyunwoo Lee emphasized, “I am 200% satisfied.” He continued, "In the movie, there is also a scene where he lets his hair down for a moment, and it was fun. It's a scene where he and Sting sleep together in bed. We talked with the makeup team about 'Hyun has long hair, what if we let it down?' The women on the makeup team said that if your hair is too long, you should cut it down." “They said I sleep with my head up. Men may not be able to imagine that. I couldn’t even think of that,” he said about the story behind it.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter bella@tenasia.co.kr translated by google