Choi Min-sik, "I'm worried that Kim Go-eun, who is doing good work, will work two jobs."
Choi Min-sik, "I'm worried that Kim Go-eun, who is doing good work, will work two jobs."
Choi Min-sik made his first attempt at the occult genre with the movie 'Breakfast'.

On the 17th, a production briefing session for the movie ‘Breakfast’ was held at The Plaza Hotel in Sogong-dong, Seoul. Director Jang Jae-hyeon and actors Choi Min-sik, Kim Go-eun, and Yoo Hae-jin attended.

'The Burial' is an occult mystery that tells the story of strange events that happen to geomancers, undertakers, and shamans who relocate suspicious tombs in exchange for a large amount of money. Choi Min-sik played the role of Sang-deok, a geomancer with 40 years of experience in finding and selling land in the eight provinces of Joseon. Kim Go-eun played Hwarim, a shaman who appeases vengeful spirits. Yoo Hae-jin played the role of Yeong-geun, a veteran undertaker who even hates the president.

Choi Min-sik, who is attempting the occult genre for the first time 35 years after his debut, said, “I am a person who has been practicing feng shui for 40 years and half my life. There is also a sense of snobbery. He is a person who says that if he is given a lot of money, it is okay even if it is not good. “When I was invited to appear in this movie, I liked the fact that this character was someone who made a living from this job and had a clear attitude and values toward the land,” he explained.

Director Jang praised Choi Min-sik, saying, “Senior Choi Min-sik sees the character and the scenario and becomes one with it,” and added, “I felt like his attitude toward the world and his attitude toward acting became one with the character Sang-deok’s attitude toward the land.” .

Choi Min-sik said, “Ever since I was young, I liked watching people perform good deeds. Nowadays, it is considered a superstition and taboo, but I have always liked the sight of performing a rite in the neighborhood or at home. It was like watching a performance. There is a twist and a catharsis. “I guess everyone will cry later,” he said. He continued, “I like the feeling that ‘Bamyo’ contains in addition to the attractions.”

Choi Min-sik saw the scene where Kim Go-eun was doing good work and said, “Isn’t Kim Go-eun going to be running two jobs like this? 'Isn't it like laying a mat?' “I was worried,” he exclaimed. He continued, “Isn’t there a saying, ‘Let’s watch the ritual and eat rice cake?’ When filming that scene, Yoo Hae-jin and I just hung around. I was immersed. He praised Kim Go-eun, saying, “Kim Go-eun’s unconventional appearance is one of the highlights of this movie.”

‘Pamyo’ is scheduled to be released in February.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google