Screen Life thriller movie ‘Search 3: Death Game’ to be released domestically in January 2024
Screen Life thriller movie ‘Search 3: Death Game’ to be released domestically in January 2024
The movie 'Search 3: Death Game' (directed by Anna Zaitseva) has confirmed its domestic release in January 2024.

'Search 3: Death Game' is a screen life thriller about Dana, who tracks down a murderer by participating in the Blue Whale game, a death challenge popular on social media, to uncover the truth about her sister's sudden death. When 'Search' was released, it created a sensation with its fresh genre technique called screen life.

This is Anna Zaitseva's feature-length debut, the director of the short film 'No, you're stupid!'. She also directed a teen web series of the same name, which garnered 45 million views and became a trendy topic. However, it is attracting attention for its high-quality directing ability.

Foreign media said, “The repetition of creepy images and unstable visuals leaves a long-lasting impression on the audience” (Josh at the Movies), “It shows that social media companies can never take responsibility for the dangers of games in movies” (Eye For Film ), etc., left favorable reviews. Starting with an invitation to the 25th Fantasia International Film Festival, it was officially invited to leading film festivals such as the 37th Warsaw International Film Festival and the 2022 Austin Film Festival, and was recognized for its artistic value.

The movie was produced based on the 'Blue Whale Challenge', which was popular among teenagers. The challenge is to perform one mission presented daily on SNS for 50 days and leave a proof photo. The level of the mission gradually increases, ultimately driving the participant into irreparable danger and leaving behind actual victims. It is a terrible game of death.

The main poster features mobile screens depicting the screen life genre centered on the main character, Dana. From photos of sisters Dana and Yulia's happy moments, to chatting with the instigator of the Blue Whale game wearing a creepy mask, to live broadcasts recording death challenges, and to phone records that give an idea of the dire situation, the screens of various digital devices are one step closer to the movie. also hints at an unpredictable challenge of death.

Reporter Ha-neul Lee, Ten Asia translated by google