Movie 'Rise', released on January 17, 2024
Movie 'Rise', released on January 17, 2024
The movie 'Rise' (directed by Cedric Klapisch) will be released in Korea on January 17, 2024.

'Rise' is a film about Elise, a 26-year-old ballerina who wanders after losing both her love and her career in an instant, and finds a turning point in her life sometimes gracefully and sometimes cheerfully. This is a new film from director Cedric Klapisch of ‘Burgundy, Life Found in Wine’ and ‘Someone Somewhere.’

An amazing dance sequence completed with the participation of actual Paris Opera Ballet ballerina and actress Marion Barbeau and Hofesh Schacter, currently the world's hottest modern dancer, and the romantic backdrop of Paris are depicted in the film.

The two posters feature Elise, the main character, with contrasting visuals. In the before poster, ballerina Elise catches the eye with her beautiful and elegant dance moves reminiscent of a swan.

The after poster creates tension with the opposite dark and intense atmosphere. A sense of loss bordering on anger can be felt in Elise's expression as she stands in the middle of the street with her leg in a cast and on crutches, as if she has been seriously injured.

Reporter Ha-neul Lee, Ten Asia translated by google