Movie ‘Between Two Worlds’ confirmed to be released in Korea in January 2024
Movie ‘Between Two Worlds’ confirmed to be released in Korea in January 2024
The movie 'Between Two Worlds' (directed by Emmanuel Carrère) has confirmed its release in January 2024.

'Between Two Worlds' is based on the novel Ouistreant Voodoo, and is a reportage drama in which a famous writer (Juliet Binoche) goes into the lives of the lowest working class and vulnerable workers to understand the reality of their lives.

The original work, 『Le Quai de Ouistreham (The Night Cleaner)』, is a book in which Florence Obna, a journalist specializing in international affairs, entered the French unstable working class and lived with them as a worker for six months, capturing their lives as they were. . After publication, it not only sold more than 210,000 copies, but also received praise for making a mark in the history of French journalism.

The person who put the most effort into making it into a movie was none other than the lead actress, Juliette Binoche. I had a desire to play the main character myself, so I met Florence Obna, the author of the original work, to make it into a movie, but I was initially rejected by Obna. In order to persuade Obna, Binoche invited the famous novelist and film director Emmanuel Carrère to work on the screenplay and then direct it, and through this series of processes, the film was completed.

The first poster shows the main characters smiling brightly and taking selfies against the backdrop of the sea and the ship, the workplace of the cleaning workers inside the ferry, the last jobs they take after being fired from everywhere else. It contains the images of characters who have built their own friendships despite the anxiety of being a non-regular worker who does not know when they will be fired even from a job they found difficult to find.

Reporter Ha-neul Lee, Ten Asia translated by google