Actress Song Ji-hyo returns to the screen after 4 years with 'Meeting House'
Actress Song Ji-hyo returns to the screen after 4 years with 'Meeting House'
Actress Song Ji-hyo's casting in the movie 'Meeting House' (directed by Cha Jeong-yoon) has been confirmed.

‘Meeting House’ is a work depicting the story of Taejeo, a female prison guard with 15 years of experience, who meets the daughter of the inmate in charge. Song Ji-hyo plays the role of Tae-jeo, a female prison guard. This is the film's return to the screen after about 4 years since the movie 'Intruder' (2020).

On the 29th, her agency Nexus E&M announced, "Song Ji-hyo has confirmed her appearance in the movie 'The House of Meeting'. Please look forward to Song Ji-hyo's transformation and new charm, which will show the true character of a trustworthy actress in the new work."

Director Cha Jeong-yoon, who wrote and directed, has received attention by winning awards at domestic and international film festivals for works such as 'Nagayo: ながよ' and 'Sangju'. Director Cha Jeong-yoon said that the deep eyes and attractive voice that only actress Song Ji-hyo has will meet the main character and bring out the delicate texture of the work.

Song Ji-hyo, who has unchanging beauty and unique emotional acting, has shown consistent activity across the world of movies, dramas, entertainment, and advertising. With strong eyes and stable acting, Song Ji-hyo has proven her acting ability by displaying her ability to digest characters regardless of genre.

The movie ‘Meeting House’ is scheduled to begin filming in January 2024.

Reporter Ha-neul Lee, Ten Asia translated by google