Ariana Devos and Chris Pine participate in dubbing for Disney's 100th anniversary movie 'Wish'
Ariana Devos and Chris Pine participate in dubbing for Disney's 100th anniversary movie 'Wish'
The movie 'Wish' (directed by Chris Buck and von Virasunsson) has revealed its voice cast.

'Wish' is a Disney 100th anniversary animation that depicts the amazing journey that Asha, a girl living in the magical kingdom of Rosas, and her goat friend Valentino meet a special 'star' with infinite energy.

'Actress Ariana Devos, who won the Best Supporting Actress Award at the 94th Academy Awards for West Side Story, played the main character Asha. Director von Virasunsson explained, "Everyone was impressed by her performance during the first recording. I put all of Ariana Devos's characteristics, including her cheerfulness, sense of humor, and sincerity, into the character of Asha."

Actor Chris Pine adds strength as King Magnifico. Screenwriter Jennifer Lee commented, "Chris Pine is perfection itself. He has all the brilliance and charisma that a 'King Magnifico' should have, and he's even good at singing."

Alan Tudyk, a veteran who participated in 'Aladdin', 'Moana', and 'Zootopia', joined the cast in the role of scene-stealer Valentino. Director Chris Buck praised Alan Tudyk, saying, "Alan Tudyk is truly amazing. If you give him one line, he will say two different versions of it and at the same time come up with a completely unexpected idea."

In the released ‘Starting Towards a Dream’ video, you can get a glimpse of the sincerity of the actors and production team who put in all their hard work. Director Chris Buck and screenwriter Jennifer Lee, who posted stills from all of Disney's animation works on a bulletin board and discovered the commonality of 'Wish Upon a Star', said that the wish that Disney has been talking about for the past 100 years is the 'Wish'. He said it had become a key topic.

There was also rave praise for Julia Michaels' excellent OST. “When I first heard the music, it really touched me,” said Ariana Devos. Behind-the-scenes footage of actors dubbing heralds amazing synchronization between characters and actors.

Disney's 100th anniversary movie 'Wish' will be released domestically on January 3, 2024.

Reporter Ha-neul Lee, Ten Asia translated by google