Interview with Sol Kyung-gu for the movie ‘Boys’
‘Boys’ actor Sol Kyeong-gu, “The theater still moves my heart”
‘Boys’ actor Sol Kyeong-gu, “The theater still moves my heart”
Seol Kyeong-gu, who starred in the movie 'Boys', mentioned the changed situation in theaters along with the box office failure of 'The Moon', which was released last August.

Actor Sol Kyung-gu was interviewed about the movie 'Boys' at a cafe located in Samcheong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 26th.

'Boys' is a true story that tells the story of the boys who were identified as the culprits of a robbery and murder case that occurred at a supermarket in a small local town, the detective who reinvestigated the case, and the people surrounding them. Actor Sol Kyeong-gu played the role of Hwang Jun-cheol, the head of the investigation team who reinvestigated the case.

After the pandemic, the number of people visiting theaters has decreased significantly and Korean movies have shrunk, raising concerns about a crisis. Sol Kyung-gu also appeared in the movie ‘The Moon’ (directed by Kim Yong-hwa), which was released last August. However, ‘The Moon’ also recorded a score of 510,000 viewers. Sol Kyeong-gu said, "(The score of 'The Moon') was all shocking. They said that the OTT 'Gil Bok-soon' did well. It was ironic considering that movies are screens. It seems that everyone has different opinions. In reality, it is true that they should coexist together. He said, “We must have a mission to raise our works to meet the eye level.”

Sol Kyung-gu, who debuted in 1999 with the film 'Peppermint Candy' (directed by Lee Chang-dong) and experienced a renaissance in Korean film, expressed his thoughts on the film market. Sol Kyung-gu even appeared in the movie ‘Silmido’ (directed by Kang Won-seok), setting the record of being the first movie to reach 10 million won. Sol Kyeong-gu said, "When filming 'Silmido', director Kang Won-seok was trapped on the island, so we had a lot of company dinners with acquaintances. We always toasted and said, 'You're welcome.' Everyone thought to themselves, 'We're crazy.' He said, “These days, there are even articles about celebrating 1 million. I wonder if another good day will come. Of course, I think we need more time.”

Regarding the reason for the existence and value of the theater, Seol Kyeong-gu said, "(The important point of the theater) is that it is subjective. It is like the theater that moves my heart. Isn't it something I choose to go to the theater? There is something overwhelming about the big screen. Of course, it is different from the film days. "There are things that have changed. I didn't know a world like this would come, but I don't know what kind of world it will come. But I can't live ignoring it," he emphasized.

From ‘Ghost’, ‘The Moon’, ‘Boys’, and ‘Gil Bok-soon’ to the film festival invitation of ‘Ordinary Family’. Sol Kyung-gu, who has had a hard time this year, answered the meaning of 2023. Sol Kyeong-gu replied, "Rather than being particularly meaningful, this year is eventful. I have a lot of regrets. I think it's a year that makes me think a lot."

The movie ‘Boys’ will be released on November 1.

Reporter Ha-neul Lee, Ten Asia
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