'Napoleon', director Ridley Scott and actor Joaquin Phoenix reunite
'Napoleon', director Ridley Scott and actor Joaquin Phoenix reunite
Director Ridley Scott's new film 'Napoleon' has confirmed its release in November.

'Napoleon' is a work depicting the spectacular life of the hero 'Napoleon' who became emperor himself, and 'Josephine', the only woman whom the emperor could not conquer.

The movie 'Napoleon', which attracted attention as the second meeting between director Ridley Scott and Joaquin Phoenix, contains the eventful life of Napoleon, the hero who conquered the world, and the story of his lover Josephine. Actress Vanessa Kirby played the role of Josephine, the only woman the emperor who had everything could not conquer.

The teaser poster leaves a strong impression with the charismatic appearance of Napoleon wearing a French military uniform. The copy, 'A hero who became emperor himself', raises curiosity about the dramatic narrative of Napoleon, a humble hero who became emperor of France himself.

The movie 'Napoleon' is scheduled to be released in November.

Reporter Ha-neul Lee, Ten Asia greenworld@tenasia.co.kr
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