Movie 'COBWEB', a production that perfectly recreates the 1970s era
Movie 'COBWEB', a production that perfectly recreates the 1970s era
The movie 'COBWEB' (director Kim Ji-woon) has released production stills containing a set that perfectly recreates the 1970s movie scene.

'COBWEB' is set in the 1970s, and director Kim (Song Kang-ho) believes that if he just changes the ending of the movie 'COBWEB', which he has already filmed, it will become a masterpiece. He pushes the filming in a situation where the censorship and actors and producers who do not understand the changed content are on the verge of going crazy. story.

The setting is the 1970s, recorded in black and white photos, but the main filming locations in the movie, 'Shinseong Film' Studio and the set of the movie 'COBWEB' within the movie, completed a new mise-en-scène with sophisticated yet intense colors. ‘Shinsung Film’, which was set up as a major studio in the 70s, is also the space where the filming set for the movie ‘COBWEB’ is located.

The sight of a space that should be easy to enter and exit blocked with wooden boards gives a glimpse into the setting and atmosphere of the era in the film, which had to be filmed without passing censorship. In addition, Director Kim's scenario writing space, memos and movie posters posted throughout the office clearly recreate the 70's era.

The set of the movie 'COBWEB' in the movie is represented by a spiral staircase connecting the first and second floors behind red walls and colorful lighting, symbolizing the mixed desires of 'Director Kim' and the characters to create a masterpiece, while at the same time completing it as a powerful visual device. did.

Director Kim Ji-woon said, "I wanted to artistically embody the endless limit of desire and vertical ascent. In order to express rise and leap, and descent and fall, spiral staircases are the best way to hide something and express twists and turns rather than straight stairs. “I thought it was a metaphor,” he said.

The actors' dressing room where you can see makeup and costumes from the 70's, a sewing factory, which is another set of the movie 'COBWEB', and even a colorful wall that represents a house. The detailed production, complete with a variety of symbols intertwined like a ‘spider’s nest’ in everything from props to art concepts, invites the audience into a 1970s movie.

The movie 'COBWEB' will be released on September 27th.

Reporter Ha-neul Lee, Ten Asia translated by google