Kim Joo-heon makes a surprise appearance in the movie 'Guardian'
Kim Joo-heon makes a surprise appearance in the movie 'Guardian'
Actor Kim Joo-heon made a special appearance in the movie 'Guardian' and left a deep impression.

The movie 'Guardian', released on August 15th, is an action movie depicting the story between Soo-hyeok (Jung Woo-sung), who wants to live a normal life after knowing the existence of a daughter he did not know after being released from prison after 10 years, and those who are aiming for him. It is the first feature film.

Among them, Kim Joo-heon made a surprise appearance as 'Jun-ho' and caught the audience's attention. 'Junho' is an old colleague of Soo-hyeok before he went to prison, and now he is leading a normal life by leaving the organization and running a Chinese restaurant with his wife and daughter.

In the scene where Kim Joo-heon has a conversation with Soo-hyeok, who came to him after being released from prison, the character's sincerity, which he wants to protect his hard-earned ordinary life, is plainly and heavily expressed with deep eyes and a low-pitched voice, making the audience more immersed. Like this, Kim Joo-heon's impressive presence adds to the work's reassurance.

Meanwhile, the movie 'Guardian', in which Kim Joo-heon made a special appearance, shows a stylish action sequence and a unique ensemble created by colorful characters, and is currently being highly praised.

Reporter Ryu Yae-ji and Ten Asia translated by google