Actors Jeon So-min and Kim Do-yeon appear in 'Eighteen Youth'
Actors Jeon So-min and Kim Do-yeon appear in 'Eighteen Youth'
The movie 'Eighteen Youth' (tentative title) released stills from the reading scene along with the crank-in news.

'Youth at 18' is a film based on the coming-of-age novel 'Your Presence at 18', which depicts teenagers struggling with their presence. It is a youth drama depicting the meeting between a cool teacher, 'Hee-joo', who is well-liked by students for his unique educational outlook and scorned by fellow teachers, and 'Soon-jeong', an 18-year-old high school student whose eccentric homeroom teacher is annoying.

Jeon So-min, who captivates viewers by studying movies, dramas, and even entertainment, plays the role of 'Hee-joo'. Jeon Ji-hyeon and Lee Ha-nui, Kim Do-yeon of 'Weki Meki', a group that has established themselves as acting idols by demonstrating their presence as children, will play the role of 'Pure Love'.

In the stills from the reading scene of 'Eighteen Youth', which was released, Jeon So-min and Kim Do-yeon's delightful chemistry, which they worked together for the first time, is shown. Prior to the filming, Jeon So-min said, “I sympathized with Hee-joo who tried to communicate with the students in her own way. I will try to express the charming teacher who is a bit quirky and like a friend. Please look forward to it,” said Kim Do-yeon, “I am nervous and excited because it is my first movie. I will try to show a new look, so please support me a lot.”

The movie 'Eighteen Youth' is scheduled to be released in 2024.

Reporter Ha-neul Lee, Ten Asia translated by google