Will (G)I-DLE’s ‘Klaxon’ follow ‘Dumdi Dumdi’?
Will (G)I-DLE’s ‘Klaxon’ follow ‘Dumdi Dumdi’?
Group (G)I-DLE expressed their feelings about returning with Summer Song.

(G)I-DLE (Miyeon, Minnie, Soyeon, Yuqi, Shuhua) released their 7th mini album 'I SWAY' through various music sites on the 8th. The new album, released six months after the second full-length album 'Two' last January, includes the title song 'Klaxon', 'Last Forever', 'Bloom', and 'Neverland'. A total of 4 songs, including '(Neverland), are included. (G)I-DLE once again participated in the production of all songs and showed off the musical world of ‘self-producing idols.’

'Klaxon' is a summer song full of (G)I-DLE's refreshing summer sensibility and bright energy. It is an impressive song with refreshing strings, brass sounds, groovy bass, and rhythmic guitar sounds, and leader Soyeon participated in writing, composing, and arranging the lyrics. The music video expresses the feelings of a person in love through clairvoyance, adding to the fun of composing it in the form of a romantic musical.
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Q. Why did you choose ‘Klaxon’ as the title song, and what prompted you to write the song?
Soyeon: I really wanted to make summer music that was light and everyone could enjoy. It's been a while since I've done a bright summer song since 'DUMDi DUMDi', so I decided to write this song.
When I was young, I heard my mother say 'bangbang' in the car as 'claktion' and I thought 'claktion' was a word used by adults. It seemed to have a vintage feel from that era, and I remember hearing the word 'claction' as a catchy word, so I decided to choose it as the song's title.

Q. What was a memorable moment while working on ‘Klaxon’?
Miyeon: As it is a song about confessing love, we put a lot of effort into the lyrics, ‘I love you baby’, which starts the chorus.
Minnie: I always edit and record for several days, but this time I finished recording my part in one day.
Soyeon: I wrote the lyrics with a character that is bold in love, but in some ways, boring.
Yuqi: I did well with the part that Soyeon entrusted to me as the main vocalist.
Shuhua: The 'Honk honk' part was higher than I expected when recording, so I practiced a lot.

Q. What are the highlights and filming episodes of the ‘Klaxon’ music video?
Miyeon: I hope you enjoy the witty, musical-like atmosphere.
Minnie: In the music video, I appear as a really hot and sexy older sister.
Soyeon: Rather than being cool, I wanted to make a music video that would make viewers enjoy and feel good.
Rainy season: We filmed in Thailand and it was the hottest.
Shuhua: We filmed while constantly applying sunscreen, which was nice because there were a lot of group scenes.

Q. What is the point choreography of ‘Klaxon’?
Soyeon: The first point choreography is the ‘Crayon Crayon Dance’. It's fun to move your hands back and forth while walking side to side like the hula hula dance that Crayon Shin-chan dances. Also, the point choreography is the hand-shaped movement of pressing the button when saying 'Honk honk'.

Q. What are the highlights of the 7th mini album ‘I SWAY’?
Miyeon: These are exciting and bright songs that would be great to enjoy in the hot summer.
Minnie: The songs were as good as we prepared them to be.
Soyeon: It's an album that you can easily listen to and flip through like a novel or a movie, and it makes you feel good just by looking at it.
Yuqi: These are songs that are good to listen to when going out with friends.
Shuhua: I can totally feel summer.

Q. What message is contained in the fan song ‘Neverland’ written by Miyeon and Yuqi?
Miyeon: (G)I-DLE arrived at the destination called ‘Neverland’. The lyrics were written with the meaning of ‘We will travel together here for the rest of our lives.’
Yuqi: Although there are times when it is tiring and difficult, we are still moving towards our dreams. To those of us who work hard and don't give up.

Q. What kind of song is ‘Last Forever’, composed and written by Yuqi?
Yuqi: It’s a song about a dream. It contained the message, 'It was difficult, but we persevered well, and in the future, let's not change our original intention and work hard toward our dreams.'

Q. What kind of song is ‘Bloom’, which Minnie participated in composing and writing lyrics for?
Minnie: It contains the message of ‘making love bloom.’ This is a song that lets you feel the excitement of summer.

Q. What would you like to say to the fans who have been waiting for the 7th mini album ‘I SWAY’?
Shuhua: Never ever! We prepared very hard for this album, and we will do our best to present the content. Please love me a lot. We will always do our best to become an even better (G)I-DLE.

Lee Min-kyung, Ten Asia Reporter 2min_ror@tenasia.co.kr translated by google