Kim Eun-woo, youngest radio guest to appear
Kim Eun-woo, youngest radio guest to appear
31-month-old Eunwoo appears as a radio guest and shows off his honest charm.

On the 7th (Sunday), KBS2TV's 'The Return of Superman' aired 'Hoi! Hoi! For the ‘Let it all come true~’ episode, 2MCs Choi Ji-woo and Ahn Young-mi and Superman Kim Jun-ho, Jay-Tsun, Moon Hee-jun, Choi Min-hwan, and DinDin are together.

Among them, Kim Jun-ho, Eun-woo, and Jung-woo will appear as guests on the first recording day to support Kim Ho-young, who is the special DJ of 'Power Time'. He came forward to repay the favor to Kim Ho-young, who served as a fashion mentor for the three fathers in the previous broadcast.

On this day, Eunwoo entered the radio booth and put on the headset with his bracken hand, showing off the charm power of the youngest guest. Among them, Kim Ho-young brightens the mood and announces the start of the broadcast, but his sudden behavior catches even veteran entertainer Kim Ho-young by surprise. Eunwoo suddenly attempted to escape from her father Kim Junho's lap. Kim Jun-ho brings laughter as he tells the story of the situation at the time, saying, “I had sweat in my armpits.”

Kim Ho-young then challenged Eun-woo's favorite fruit, strawberries, saying, "Do you like Uncle Ho-i? Do you like strawberries?" However, before the question is even finished, Eunwoo gives a quick answer, saying, “Strawberry,” which is said to grab the viewers’ attention.

Eunwoo also demonstrates a good sense of song selection, which is an essential skill for a radio guest. Eunwoo said, “Poppy,” and requested T-Raa’s “Bo Peep Bo Peep,” a song she sang before she was even born, and even sang every line of the song, showing off her cuteness.

‘The Return of Superman’ will be broadcast today, the 7th (Sunday) at 9:15 pm.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google