Na In-woo, first domestic fan meeting after 10 years of debut
Na In-woo, first domestic fan meeting after 10 years of debut
Actor Na In-woo meets fans at his first domestic fan meeting.

Na In-woo will hold The 1st fan meeting 'AUGUST INWOO LOVE' at Sky Art Hall in Gangseo-gu, Seoul on August 10th.

'AUGUST INWOO LOVE' is Na In-woo's first solo fan meeting in Korea since his 10th debut anniversary. Na In-woo has proven his global popularity by holding successful fan meetings in Bangkok, Thailand in March and in Tokyo, Japan in April. Following this, a special time was prepared for precious fans in Korea.

In the poster image released along with the news of the event, Na In-woo is seen with a soft smile under the clear summer sunlight. Na In-woo's romantic and refreshing visuals, reminiscent of a picnic on a summer day, catch the eye and raise expectations for this fan meeting.

Na In-woo rose to prominence as a leading actor starting with the dramas ‘Queen of Iron Man’ and ‘River Where the Moon Rises’, and has since appeared in dramas such as ‘Cleaning Up’, ‘Jinx’s Lover’, ‘I’ve Waited for You for a Long Time’ and the movie ‘I agree with you’. He played an active role in leading the work. KBS' representative entertainment program '1 Night 2 Days Season 4' shows an unaffected and pure side, and is loved both inside and outside of the work.

In particular, Na In-woo attractively portrayed the character Yoo Ji-hyuk in the popular tvN drama 'Marry My Husband', which aired early this year, and received strong support from domestic and global viewers. Currently, he has been cast in his next drama, 'Motel California', which is scheduled to be filmed at the end of July, and he has announced active activities such as opening an official website for recruiting and communicating with the global fan club 'NWOO-RUNGJI' through B-Stage.

Na In-woo, who will hold his first domestic solo fan meeting next month, plans to show his special love for his fans by providing them with a rich gift that fans can look forward to and enjoy.

Nine Woo The 1st fan meeting 'AUGUST INWOO LOVE', hosted by HANADA COMPANY and organized by THE MERSENNE, will be held on August 10th at 6 PM. Pre-sale for official fan clubs will be held exclusively at 8 PM on the 8th and general reservations will be opened exclusively at 8 PM on the 10th through the ticket reservation site Interpark Ticket.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google