Kim Gap-su, a gift from ‘Queen of Tears’ Hong Man-dae
Kim Gap-su, a gift from ‘Queen of Tears’ Hong Man-dae
Actor Kim Gap-soo is dominating not only dramas but also commercials.

Recently, Gapsu Kim emerged as a blue chip in the advertising world as he was selected as a model for a health food brand following the renewal of his contract as an exclusive model for hearing aids. It is captivating consumers with its visual presence, low-pitched voice that enhances trust, and pleasantness that appeals to people of all ages.

Gapsu Kim's image is powerful in effectively conveying the brand's message. Accordingly, advertising proposals for Kim Gap-soo from various fields are constantly coming in.

It's not just the advertising world that is trying to catch Kim Gap-soo. There is also considerable attention to Kim Gap-soo's acting and work. He played the role of Queens Group Chairman Hong Man-dae in the tvN weekend drama 'Queen of Tears', which ended in April.

Through this, Kim Gap-soo once again proved not only the success of the drama, but also his unwavering acting skills and undiminished popularity. His veteran-like appearance in portraying a given character has continued to attract love calls for him to appear in works as well. Attention is focused on Kim Gap-soo, who has dominated not only dramas and movies, but also advertising, and what he will do in the second half of 2024.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google