Jin Goo makes an extraordinary transformation with long hair
Jin Goo makes an extraordinary transformation with long hair
Actor Jin Goo captured attention with his powerful visuals.

In tvN's new Saturday-Sunday drama 'Thank You', which will be aired for the first time on July 6, Jin Goo plays the role of Hwang Dae-woong, Vice President of JU Construction, and is expected to form a bloody confrontational relationship with the audit team.

In the play, Hwang Dae-woong (played by Jin Goo) is the youngest son of the founder of JU Construction, who is good at rebelling and has a hobby of causing trouble. Unlike his older brothers who started out as executives, he joined the company as a new employee and rose to the position of vice president, writing the story of rapid promotion. Having worked his way up from the bottom, he is well aware of the difficulties faced by employees, and he is a powerful figure in JU Construction, both in name and reality, as he receives support from executives and employees due to his never-ending, bubbly personality.

As such, Hwang Dae-woong's ambition to surpass his older brothers and become the president of JU Construction is stirring within him. The released photo captures the attention of Hwang Dae-woong, who is steadily expanding his presence across the office and field.

Hwang Dae-woong's unconventional styling, with his long hair stylishly styled and his shirt lightly undone, shows his unpredictable personality. Hwang Dae-woong's unique aura is further doubled by the brilliantly sparkling eyes that seem to penetrate the other person's heart. Accordingly, one wonders whether Hwang Dae-woong, who possesses overwhelming force, will be able to replace his brothers as the leader of JU Construction.

While Hwang Dae-woong is making strides toward his goal of becoming the president, his plans are disrupted when Shin Cha-il (played by Shin Ha-kyun), the new head of the audit team, is appointed. Since Hwang Dae-woong goes straight ahead regardless of any means necessary to achieve what he wants, attention is focused on how he will deal with Shin Cha-il, who is a thorn in his eyes. Also, expectations are being raised on the unique transformation of actor Jin Goo, who will portray the force of Hwang Dae-woong, who dominates JU Construction.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon seogugu@tenasia.co.kr translated by google