Park Na-rae, power of 48.6kg
Park Na-rae, power of 48.6kg
Comedian Park Na-rae showed off her fairy beauty.

On the 1st, Na-rae Park posted a photo on her SNS with the message, "There are days like that... days written by something... selfies on days like that... 🥹."

In the published photo, Park Na-rae is showing off her sleek V-line. Park Na-rae, who recently successfully dieted and weighed 48.6 kg, is showing off her small face and slender body line.

On the 31st of last month, Park Na-rae's daily life was revealed on MBC's 'I Live Alone'. Park Na-rae, who got up from the bed, surprised the contestants by showing off her muscular body and slim jawline, unlike in the past when she showed off her swollen face. Na-rae Park, who stepped on the scale, revealed that she was maintaining her weight with little change even after taking the body profile photo.

Na-rae Park said, “I step on the scale every day. When I said I would start barfing from January 1st of this year, I have weighed myself every day since. “I continued to build up a database of ‘If I eat this much, I gain this much weight.’” He added, “I also measured it the next day after the mukbang. He revealed, “I gained exactly 3kg,” and Jeon Hyun-moo also added, “It’s the same as me.”

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google