Jo Hye-ryeon, Generation Z also dominated
Jo Hye-ryeon, Generation Z also dominated
Jo Hye-ryun, who made a comeback with 'Panananala', continues to spread happiness as a 'laughter bomber'.

With the release of her new song 'Panananala' on the 3rd, Jo Hye-ryeon has been active in all areas, sweeping not only music broadcasts, but also various broadcast programs and YouTube.

Jo Hye-ryun, who returned with 'Panananala', also appeared on a music broadcast where idol groups were the main stage, and not only performed without sacrificing her body, but also performed live using only a hand microphone without AR. In the ending pose after finishing the stage, Jo Hye-ryeon shoots a gun with a prepared banana, showing off her appearance as good as that of an idol.

On the other hand, as Jo Hye-ryun poured 100% of her energy on stage, she was out of breath and unable to hide her troubled expression while posing, causing viewers to laugh. Netizens said, “The older sister who came to fix the loose discipline in the music industry,” and “A comedian who takes on challenges throughout her life.” Reactions such as “I respect you”, “It makes people happy”, and “This is a live performance” are pouring in.

In addition to music broadcast stages, Jo Hye-ryun is also participating in the 'Panananala' challenge with The Boyz, Boy Next Door, Zero Base One, Gabi, Ji Sang-ryeol, and Shin Bong-seon. Through challenge, which is one of the representative idol cultures, they are reaching out to the younger generation and delivering laughter and energy to everyone regardless of generation.

Jo Hye-ryeon, who has begun to conquer the hearts of Generation Z from the music industry, is also spreading her brilliant wings in the broadcasting industry. In various places, including KBS2's 'The Boss's Ears Are Donkey Ears', tvN STORY's 'Smashing the Back with a Passport', and SBS Power FM's 'Kim Young-cheol's Power FM', he presents big laughs with his witty entertainment and easy-going talk.

Modifiers such as ‘second prime’ and ‘happiness bomber’ are naturally being applied to Jo Hye-ryun. Attention is focused on what kind of content Jo Hye-ryun, who has once again proven her potential as an all-round entertainer, will make us laugh with.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google