All tickets for Hwang Jung-min's play 'Macbeth' are sold out
All tickets for Hwang Jung-min's play 'Macbeth' are sold out
The play ‘Macbeth’ starring actor Hwang Jung-min is a hot topic.

On the 28th, Sam Company announced, "As the first round of tickets have been sold out, we will be opening the second round of tickets earlier. We plan to open the second round of tickets for 'Macbeth' at 11 o'clock."

The cast of the play 'Macbeth' appears as the original cast for each performance at the National Theater's Haeoreum Theater. In addition, audiences who are looking forward to Sam Company's play series posted online, “This is the best casting you can enjoy in just 5 weeks.” (suil****), “A never-to-be-received opportunity!” Macbeth with my favorite actors on the same stage!” (you****) “I trust Sam Company and Hwang Jung-min. “I’m looking forward to the energy that can express madness that can’t be compared to the screen.” (13****gm) left a promising review, demonstrating the popularity of the play ‘Macbeth’. In addition, world-renowned art director Yuni Yoshida's powerful poster visuals were added, capturing the hearts of domestic MZ audiences.

Then, the first round of tickets opened on the 14th. As soon as tickets were released, seats were quickly sold out, and only 9 performances were sold out early, leading to a flood of inquiries from audiences looking for tickets. Accordingly, Sam Company, the production company of the play 'Macbeth', decided to advance the second ticket opening date, which was scheduled to open in June, to 11 am on the 28th. The 2nd ticket opening, which will be held on the 28th, allows you to receive an early reservation discount for the 1st ticket, which will run until June 6th.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon translated by google