“Feed Me” 20th class Jeongsook, didn’t her flirting with Youngho work? Tears ‘dropping’
“Feed Me” 20th class Jeongsook, didn’t her flirting with Youngho work? Tears ‘dropping’
'I'm SOLO' Jeong-suk sheds tears while flirting with Yeong-ho in the 20th class.

On the 24th, SBS Plus and ENA's real dating program 'I Am SOLO' released a trailer showing Jung-sook's unstoppable straight forward ahead of the broadcast on the 29th.

This trailer begins with Jeong-sook looking at Yeong-ho deeply and penetratingly. Right after a random date, Jeong-suk brings Young-ho to a private place and cutely says, “Feed me!”, and Young-ho naturally concocts a ‘hangover cure’ as if he is fascinated by Jeong-suk.

Meanwhile, with everyone gathered in the common living room, Yeong-sik asks Jeong-suk a surprise question, “Who is Yeong-ho?” Jeongsuk immediately declares, “It’s mine!” and declares ‘Yeongho’s monopoly.’ Sunja shows signs of discomfort at Jeongsuk's outspoken remarks, causing a 'pupil earthquake'. After some time, Sunja sits down with Youngho and has a conversation, and asks, “What is your current situation?” and tries to find out what’s on Youngho’s mind. Yeong-ho meaningfully replies, “It was really good, right?”, causing Sun-ja to smile like a ‘great ascension’.

In the end, as the 'love triangle' deepens, Jeong-suk makes a 'final declaration', saying, "I'm really going to end it today!" At Chung-suk’s determination, which seemed ready to go to war, the 3 MCs stuck out their tongues, saying, “Wow, what should we do?” But soon, Jeong-sook turns the mood around by showing shedding tears.

'I am SOLO', which aired on the 22nd, recorded an average viewer rating of 5.6% (hereinafter, SBS Plus and ENA combined figures based on pay-TV households in the metropolitan area) according to Nielsen Korea's statistics, and the highest viewer rating per minute soared to a whopping 6.2%. It also maintained first place in the 'Top 10 Non-Drama TV-OTT Search Responses' for the 3rd week of May compiled by Good Data Corporation, continuing its explosive popularity and topicality every week.

Kim Seo-yoon, Ten Asia Reporter seogugu@tenasia.co.kr translated by google