Jeong Seo-ju takes the mound at Sajik Stadium on the 23rd
Jeong Seo-ju takes the mound at Sajik Stadium on the 23rd
‘Miss Trot 3’ Jin Jeong Seo-joo becomes the victory fairy of Sajik Stadium.

Jeong Seo-ju will take the mound to throw the first pitch in the game between Lotte Giants and KIA Tigers at Busan Sajik Stadium on the afternoon of the 23rd. As full-scale stage activities have been a little over two months, this is my first time throwing a ceremonial pitch.

Jeong Seo-ju, who was born in Busan, attended both elementary and middle school in Busan until becoming Jin of ‘Miss Trot 3’. The relationship is so deep that he was recently appointed as a public relations ambassador for Busan. Busan is my hometown where I was born and raised, and a place that is like a haven for my heart.

This day’s game is even more meaningful because it is the last of Lotte Club’s ‘Dream of Ground’ series. We support all the youth who dream, and an event is prepared for the dream stage of Busan youth.

She takes on the challenge of 'Miss Trot' with only her dream of becoming a singer, and shares an exquisite bond with Jeong Seo-ju, who became the youngest member of the group ever.

Jeong Seo-ju expressed his feelings ahead of the first pitch, saying, “I am excited and truly honored to be the first pitcher, and at Sajik Stadium, in this whole situation. I am very nervous, but I think it will be a moment I will never forget.”
Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google