Kim A-young cast in movie ‘Hit Hit Hit’
Kim A-young cast in movie ‘Hit Hit Hit’
Actress Kim A-young is scheduled to visit theaters through ‘Hit Hit Hit’.

Kim A-young was cast in the movie ‘Hit Hit Hit’ (working title) and heralded her performance. 'Hit Hit Hit', in which he has confirmed his appearance, is a hip-hop comedy chase drama that depicts the journey of landmine-like incidents that occur as Hip-Jiri Woni, who dreams of becoming the main character of the hip-hop scene, chases the criminal who stole his song.

Kim A-young joins the role of Mi-ae, who is responsible for the laughter in the play, and works with Ryu Kyung-soo, who previously announced the casting news. His character, Mi-ae, dreams of becoming an actress, but has no acting talent at all. While working part-time at a seaside raw fish restaurant, he becomes entangled with a real hip-hop singer from Seoul, which is expected to be a fun experience that you cannot take your eyes off of.

Kim A-young is making her first appearance on the big screen beyond OTT and TV. To him, ‘Hit Hit Hit’ will have a special meaning. Kim A-young garnered attention by honestly conveying her feelings about appearing on ‘Hit Hit Hit’ through her agency AIMC.

Kim A-young said, “I’m very excited and nervous because it’s my first movie, but I’m also curious about what the filming will be like.” “No matter what field I go to, I often learn from the seniors and staff, and I plan to learn a lot from the seniors at this field as well,” he said, expressing his strong ambition. He continued, “I could feel the bright energy while reading the script. “I will create and act Mi-ae well so that the audience can enjoy and empathize with the movie,” he said, raising expectations for the movie.

Lastly, Kim A-young said, “‘Hit Hit Hit’ is a fun movie, but I think it is also a movie with a sense of urgency and seriousness. The characters in the work live their own dreams, and I felt like they were like me and the people around me. I want to capture the stories of these characters well. “I ask for your interest and support,” he said, ending his remarks.

Meanwhile, Kim A-young, who expanded her career to the big screen, showed her unique presence in the Coupang Play series 'SNL Korea' and the drama 'Welcome to Samdali', which ended with great love earlier this year. In particular, in 'Welcome to Samdali', he showed off his lively acting and diverse charms to the fullest, successfully completing his first attempt at a drama since his debut. There is already great anticipation as to how he will captivate the audience in 'Hit Hit Hit'.

Meanwhile, 'Hit Hit Hit', in which Kim A-young appears, began full-scale filming with Crankin in mid-May.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google