Min Hee-jin’s strategy to shake Bang Si-hyuk’s leadership
Min Hee-jin’s strategy to shake Bang Si-hyuk’s leadership
As the conflict between Hive and Adore CEO Min Hee-jin has passed the initial stage, Hive is focusing on 'legal response', while CEO Min is focusing his efforts on 'shaking up Bang Si-hyuk'. As Hive has entered legal proceedings, CEO Min, who must 'defend', is assessed to be seeking a way out by shaking Bang Si-hyuk's leadership.

On the 13th, CEO Min Hee-jin disclosed the contents of an email sent to Hive through a media outlet to the effect that ‘Aillet plagiarized New Genes.’ The media also reported that the parents of New Genes members condemned, through e-mail, the claim that Chairman Bang Si-hyuk did not receive greetings from the members and treated New Genes poorly.

Although it was indirectly disclosed through the media, industry insiders say that the disclosure of internal emails is highly likely to reflect CEO Min's intentions. Proof is that most of the content can create public opinion unfavorable to Hive.

Representative Min has been focusing on shaking up Bang Si-hyuk's leadership. The same goes for the KakaoTalk conversation between Representative Min and Chairman Bang that was revealed at the press conference. By disclosing what Chairman Bang said about the success of New Genes, ‘Are you happy?’, the frame that ‘Chairman Bang does not spare New Genes’ was strengthened. The consensus in the industry watching this situation is that all personal derogatory remarks such as ‘Mr. Gag’ and ‘You bastard’ are an extension of strengthening the frame.

Another issue raised just as the legal dispute began in earnest was the claim that Chairman Bang did not receive greetings from New Genes. This is a frame that is consistent with Mr. Gaejeo’s argument. These comments are far from legal issues. It is a tool to strengthen CEO Min's position that Bang Si-hyuk is not the leader who can lead New Genes. Representative Min, who reads the public's mind well, is shaking Chairman Bang's leadership by repeatedly reinforcing this aspect.

Representative Min is also emotionally responding to the legal responsibility that is placed on him. Hive's claims, which raise suspicions based on grounds such as theft of management rights and illegal management, are met with emotional responses such as "We never did that," "We just wrote down our imaginations," and "What can't an office worker think of when he's in a bad mood?" The response was consistent. Even when Hive raised the issue of handing over the personal information of an Adore applicant to a shaman and asking for advice on it, he gave an emotional response such as "I know him, but he is a shaman. Are shamans untouchable?"

The issue of takeover of management rights is the subject of legal dispute. The problem with shamans is that personal information related to company recruitment was leaked to the outside world, so legal liability issues may arise in the future. They avoided making any specific mention of legal responsibility, and cleverly turned the situation around to frame Chairman Bang as a 'gaejeossi'.

The Hive strategy is the opposite. Ahead of a legal dispute, we are focusing on legal responses rather than emotional aspects. It is Hive that has various legal response tools, including procedures for dismissing the representative. He is waiting for legal proceedings to be able to use his weapon. The problem is that Hive is also losing its fans in this process. In the entertainment industry, the emotional realm is as important as legal results. If the public's support is lost, it may become a vain victory.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter wisdomart@tenasia.co.kr translated by google