Kang Hoon makes doll keyrings for Japanese fans
Kang Hoon makes doll keyrings for Japanese fans
Actor Kang Hoon had a meaningful meeting with fans.

On the 4th, Kang Hoon held his second Japanese fan meeting <2024 Kang Hoon Fan Meeting In Tokyo-Time For You->. At this fan meeting, which was held twice a day, Kang Hoon raised the mood by revealing unreleased photos of his current situation and daily life and his witty drawing skills.

Kang Hoon then enjoyed a variety of games with his fans, prepared a handmade doll key ring for his fans, and performed his favorite songs Na Yoon-kwon's 'Wish It Was Me' and Dickpunks' 'VIVA Youth', receiving a warm response. Kang Hoon, who returned to Japan after about six months, made eye contact with each and every fan who visited the concert hall and exchanged greetings, expressing his gratitude to the fans for their unwavering support.

After the fan meeting ended, Kang Hoon posted on his SNS, “Thanks to the fans, another happy memory was created. “I will work harder and repay you with better work,” he said, expressing his gratitude once again.

Kang Hoon captured the attention of viewers at home and abroad with his captivating performances in works such as ‘Red Sleeves’, ‘Little Women’, ‘Flower Scholar’s Love Story’, and ‘Into Your Time’. Not only his acting skills, but also the unique cheerfulness shown in many entertainment programs are considered as his attractive points and are loved by many.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google