Jeon Jong-seo was cast in the new drama 'Genie House'
Jeon Jong-seo was cast in the new drama 'Genie House'
Actor Jeon Jong-seo was chosen as the main character in the series 'Genie House'.

According to Ten Asia coverage on the 3rd, Jeon Jong-seo was chosen as the female lead in the new drama 'Genie House'.

‘Genie House’ contains the stories of young people chasing their dreams despite difficult realities. It is scheduled to consist of 16 episodes. Jeon Jong-seo was offered the role of Tak Hyo-jin, a character who is trying to start an online fashion shopping mall.

Jeon Jong-seo attracted attention since his debut when he walked the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival in 2018 with the movie 'Burning'. He then showed strong performances in the Netflix movies 'Call' and 'Ballerina', the Netflix series 'House of Paper: Joint Economic Zone', and the TV series 'Ransom'. For a romantic comedy genre movie, 'Romance Without Love', she received favorable reviews for naturally portraying the unique but lovely role of Ja-young. Recently, he appeared in the tvN drama ‘Wedding Impossible’.

Jeon Jong-seo also plays the main character in the TV series ‘Queen Woo’, which is scheduled to be released in August. He will be working with Han So-hee through the Netflix series 'Project Y' (working title), which begins filming this year.

In this way, Jeon Jong-seo has been working tirelessly since his debut. This year alone, Jeon Jong-seo continues to work hard with ‘Queen Woo’, ‘Project Y’, and ‘Genie House’.

Kim Ji-won, Ten Asia reporter translated by google