Do Kyung-soo releases behind-the-scenes clip of his third mini album ‘Growth’
Do Kyung-soo releases behind-the-scenes clip of his third mini album ‘Growth’
The behind-the-scenes clip of Do Kyung-soo's new album has been released and is becoming a hot topic.

Do Kyung-soo's agency, Company Susu, released a behind-the-scenes clip of Do Kyung-soo's new mini album 'Growth' through official SNS, bringing joy to fans waiting for the album's release.

Do Kyung-soo's third mini-album 'Growth' released as a solo vocalist is based on the theme of colorful growth that blooms like a spring flower in the journey of life. The behind-the-scenes clip released this time highlights Do Kyung-soo's unique charm and amplifies expectations for the album.

In the first clip, Do Kyung-soo's lyrical eyes capture attention, and the sight of him waiting for someone in a space decorated like the universe is impressive. Despite the short running time, viewers were amazed as they were able to see Do Kyung-soo's wider spectrum through the video.

The second clip shows Do Kyung-soo's boyish charm and professional appearance against the background of beautiful nature. The sight of him skillfully posing in front of the camera while feeling the wind was enough to melt women's hearts. Do Kyung-soo's fresh and refreshing appearance shining in the scenery raised expectations for the upcoming album and stimulated curiosity and curiosity about the next content.

Do Kyung-soo's new mini-album 'Growth' highlights Do Kyung-soo's musical growth, including the title song 'Mars', which contains a strange and lovely love story, as well as 'Popcorn', which expresses the excitement that explodes at every moment with the person you love. ('Popcorn'), 'Things We Didn't Know (Simple Joys)', 'To Today (Good Night)', 'Daily Confession (My Dear)', 'Yesterday You, Today Me (About Time)' A total of 6 songs are included. It is expected that listeners will be able to feel comfort and empathy through Do Kyung-soo's ever-evolving musical sensibility.

Meanwhile, the mini album 'Growth', which shows the musical growth of Do Kyung-soo, who is showing his presence as an 'all-rounder' artist who goes back and forth between musician and actor, will be released in its entirety through major music sites at 6 pm on May 7, and the album will be released on this day. is also released.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google