G-Dragon, it's not even an official work, but the starting price is 30 million won
G-Dragon, it's not even an official work, but the starting price is 30 million won
While singer G-Dragon's art work was put up for auction, G-Dragon revealed that he did not know the circumstances of the auction. The client who put the work up for auction that day announced his intention to cancel the auction.

On the 29th, an official from Galaxy Corporation, G-Dragon's agency, told Ten Asia about the auction entry of G-Dragon's art work, "After checking with the artist, it was not the artist himself who submitted the work for auction. The artist is not sure who submitted the work and under what circumstances. “They say they don’t know anything at all,” he said.

G-Dragon's work 'Youth is Flower' was exhibited at Seoul Auction's contemporary art auction scheduled for this day, and it attracted attention with a starting price of 30 million won. However, it was confirmed that the work in question was not submitted by G-Dragon, but was submitted by a third party. An official related to this added, "I understand that it was drawn by G-Dragon at Shinhwa World in Jeju in the past. I understand that it is not in the form of a work of art."

This work was completed in 2017 and is known to have been created by spraying spray and markers on steel panels. If you look at G-Dragon's work, you can see a flower with blue leaves centered around a smile along with the phrase 'Youth is Flower'. Additionally, the paint flowing down from the pink and green dots is uniquely expressed and attracts attention.

G-Dragon has shown a special interest in works of art. He has been involved in the art world for quite some time, including participating in the planning of the 'PEACEMINUSONE: Beyond the Stage' exhibition held at the Seoul Museum of Art in 2015.

G-Dragon, who is known for his outstanding aesthetic sense, was selected as one of the ‘50 noteworthy collectors’ by Art News, a famous American art magazine, in 2019.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter wisdomart@tenasia.co.kr translated by google