Pani Bottle and Gongmyeong “I was pickpocketed” is absurd
Pani Bottle and Gongmyeong “I was pickpocketed” is absurd
The full-scale journey of 'Earth, Mabul, World Travel 2' Kwak, Pa. Won and their travel partners begins.

In the 5th episode of ENA's 'Earth, Mabul World Travel 2', which will be aired on the 6th, the second round of travel with travel partners will be held. Pani Bottle and 'photographer' Gong Myeong went to Ethiopia, Wonji and 'chef' Kim Yong-myeong went to Kenya, and Kwak Tube and 'idol' Park Jun-hyung, who went to India to work part-time, are curious about what kind of content they will show. Collect. Meanwhile, on the 4th, an image showing the perfect chemistry between Kwak Daddy and his travel partner was released.

Additionally, in the trailer for episode 5, which was released on March 30, we were able to see their travel story for the first time. The released video begins with Wonji and Kim Yong-myeong visiting the Kirin Hotel in Kenya. Kirin Hotel is not only the place Wonji always dreamed of, but also one of the places that every traveler dreams of. Here, not only can you see giraffes up close, which are usually difficult to see, but the sight of two people surrounded by and interacting with giraffes feels unreal, like a scene from a fantasy movie. In particular, the sight of a giraffe sticking its head out through the window and eating food from the cup Wonji is holding captures attention and raises expectations.

Meanwhile, Panibottle and Gongmyeong go through an unprecedented crisis from their first meeting. Panibottle was pickpocketed on the streets of Ethiopia. Gong Myung, who is even more embarrassed next to the embarrassed Pani Bottle, is bewildered by the unbelievable reality, saying, “Is this real, now?” Accordingly, a special situation arises where even Pani Bottle, who has a lot of travel experience, sends an SOS to PD Kim Tae-ho in Seoul. Curiosity is growing as to what will unfold on their journey, which is twisted from the start.

One last effort, 'Mu(務)' Kwak Tube and Park Jun-hyung, who arrived in India, prepare for an audition to get a part-time job as a minor actor in Bollywood. While Kwak Tub's foolish gestures as he diligently dances the Bollywood dance following his teacher elicits laughter, his image of him lying down on the floor, exhausted, attracts attention. In addition, the sound of Park Jun-hyung's deep heart, which is heard as 'bleeped out', makes one wonder what happened to him.

ENA's 'Earth Mabul World Travel 2', where you can check out the second round content of Wonji and Kim Yong-myeong who went to the Giraffe Hotel in Kenya, Panibottle and Gong-myeong who had their wallets pick-pocketed in Ethiopia, and Kwak Tube's Park Jun-hyung attempting the Indian Bollywood audition, will be released in April. It will be broadcast at 7:50 pm on Saturday the 6th.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon translated by google