Blackpink Jisoo, “4 Days & 2 Nights in France”
Blackpink Jisoo, “4 Days & 2 Nights in France”
Jisoo, a member of the group Blackpink, missed her unconventional red hairstyle.

Recently, a video titled 'I asked Blackpink Jisoo to choose her legendary Hemeko' was posted on a magazine's official YouTube channel.

On this day, Jisoo was asked, "Out of all the hairstyles you've had so far, which is your favorite?", she responded, "I don't dye my hair often, so I like the hairstyle I had when I had red hair. That might be because I have black hair now," making everyone laugh. I was hugged.

He, who attended the 100th anniversary event of world-renowned jewelry brand C last February, said, "I went to France for 4 days and 2 nights. Fortunately, I was in good condition, and when I arrived at the event, everyone said I looked good. Everyone was surprised when I told them I came yesterday." “I felt good that it came out well,” he said.

When asked, "Is there a travel destination you really want to visit this year?" he responded, "I went snowboarding in Korea this year, but there wasn't much snow, so my butt hurt so much every time I fell. I want to go skiing in an area with a lot of snow overseas." did.

Jisoo looked at photos from the time she was promoting her solo song 'Flower' and looked back on the most memorable 'Flower' stage. Jisoo said, "I performed the 'Flower' performance in front of many fans during the Japanese tour. Before that, I didn't have any solo songs, so I performed solo with cover songs, but from then on, I performed with solo songs. It was a meaningful performance."

When asked about a memorable 'flower' challenge, he said, "At the time, the flower challenge with dogs was popular. I thought, 'That's cute. I want to try it too,' and suddenly dogs from all over the world appeared singing flower songs. Later, parrots also appeared. “All the pets worked hard to do the challenge for me. I was fortunate that many people enjoyed it.”

Meanwhile, Jisoo recently established a label called 'BLISSOO' and announced her departure as a solo artist. In addition, he recently confirmed his appearance in the movie 'An Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint' and the drama 'Influenza'.

Choi Ji-ye, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google