Lee Won-jong → Lee Cheon-soo, expression is free, but it also carries risks.
Lee Won-jong → Lee Cheon-soo, expression is free, but it also carries risks.
Celebrities and pop stars have come forward to publicly support candidates from specific political parties. The 22nd National Assembly election is just one month away. As awareness is high, it is expected to have a significant influence on the public. However, there is also a position that views celebrities' political statements themselves negatively. This is because ‘fandom politics’ through celebrities disrupts the diversity of democracy.

Former National Assembly member Jeon Yeo-ok said on her blog on the 5th, "He said, 'I supported Lee Jae-myung because I felt his sincerity,' and that he hopes he will become president. His 'sincerity' is bloody purges and 'Sadification of Lee Jae-myung,' but he is at the level of 'North Korea's people's actor.' “A statement,” he said.

Rep. Jeon Jeon said, "Today, ○○ Newspaper (press name) lamented. How could the atmosphere of the general election be overturned in just one month?" and added, "President Yoon Seok-yeol has not changed, and the People Power Party has not done anything good?" Targeted at media outlets.

He then sniped at Lee Won-jong, saying, “The sight of Lee Jae-myeong pushing for the Democratic Party nomination is truly grotesque,” and “Mr. Won-jong Lee still seems to be living a grotesque life, like a gangster from the Wild Age.”

Lee Won-jong appeared on the YouTube channel 'Ahn Jin-geol TV' on the 3rd and supported former Blue House spokesman Kang Min-seok, who is running for the Dobong-gu district in Seoul.

Host Ahn Jin-geol, director of the People's Livelihood Economy Research Institute, said in a phone call with Lee Won-jong, "The 35 minutes we spent together at the Democratic Party's North Chungcheong Talent Recruitment Concert last time became a huge topic," adding, "I think there were about 10 YouTube shorts that were viewed by millions of people. I told YouTubers. “I spread it, but they edited it well,” he said.

In addition, “Former Spokesperson Kang Min-seok came out during the Moon Jae-in administration,” and said, “We will definitely defeat the People Power Party (People Power Party) in the Seoul Dobong belt, defend democratic, progressive, and reform forces, and protect Lee Jae-myung and the Democratic Party. Cheering.” “Please tell me,” he asked.

Lee Won-jong, who heard this, said, "Anyway, you have to achieve your intended goal. Elections are always an important time, but this time, as it is a time to confront a newer 'evil,' you must be more energetic and go to the local residents to get their votes." “I hope you come with one vote and win,” he said, cheering for former Spokesperson Kang. He also added, “I sincerely appeal to you,” adding, “Be strong and be sure to win.”
Lee Won-jong → Lee Cheon-soo, expression is free, but it also carries risks.
Lee Won-jong → Lee Cheon-soo, expression is free, but it also carries risks.
There are also famous people who became the chairman of a support group for a prospective candidate for the National Assembly. This is Lee Cheon-soo, a former national soccer player. Lee Cheon-soo served as the chairman of the support group for former Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Won Hee-ryong, who ran for office in Gyeyang-eul, Incheon. He supports former Minister Won's campaign throughout the election campaign period.

Lee Cheon-soo is from Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, and played as an Incheon United player from 2013 to 2015. Accordingly, it is reported that former Minister Won highly evaluated Lee Cheon-soo's symbolism and requested the position of sponsor chairman.

In fact, Lee Cheon-soo wore a red scarf, the symbol color of the People Power Party, and appealed to citizens to support former Minister Won. In addition, it is known that Lee Cheon-soo accompanied former Minister Won when he visited the GM Korea Chevrolet showroom in Gyeyang-gu, Incheon on the 26th of last month and purchased the compact sports utility vehicle (SUV) model 'Trailblazer'.

Actor Jung Jun-ho publicly announced his support for a prospective candidate from the People Power Party. Han Jeong-min, a preliminary candidate for Hwaseong, Gyeonggi Province, as a talent recruited by the People Power Party, wrote on social networking service (SNS) on the 27th of last month that he and Mr. "Actor Jung Jun-ho, who cares for me like his own brother, came to my office."

In response, Jung Jun-ho said, "Politics is a very difficult job. So, I hope that Jeong-min, who is exactly like me in many ways, does well. As I am a public relations ambassador for a public interest corporation, I have an obligation to be politically neutral, so I am sorry for not being able to help you much. I will always be by your side." He cheered.
Lee Won-jong → Lee Cheon-soo, expression is free, but it also carries risks.
Lee Won-jong → Lee Cheon-soo, expression is free, but it also carries risks.
There is no law that says ‘politics must be done by politicians.’ This means that there is no need to react sensitively to celebrities' political comments or statements supporting a specific political party. However, the influence of stars' comments and actions on the fans who follow them is very great.

A representative example is broadcaster Kim Je-dong. He has caused several controversies in the past, such as supporting a specific candidate or revealing his political inclinations. It became the main reason for the unfavorable image to harden. Political expression is free for an individual. But the risks involved are clear.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia delo410@tenasia.co.kr translated by google