This week's Running Man, expanded programming confirmed
This week's Running Man, expanded programming confirmed
SBS' 'Running Man', which will be aired on the 24th, has confirmed its expanded 10-minute programming. Yoo Jae-seok and Kim Jong-kook debut as futsal coaches and face off.

In a recent recording, Yoo Jae-seok and Kim Jong-kook, who have been considered 'Running Man's strongest rivals' for 14 years, will transform into coaches of a new futsal team and compete. Kim Jong-kook showed confidence by saying, “I am an active coach,” while Yoo Jae-seok counterattacked by saying, “My skills are inferior to my passion for soccer,” creating a tense battle of nerves from the opening.

The members then appeared wearing Premier League player looks, attracting attention. Ji Seok-jin said, “I copied Hwang Hee-chan’s fashion!” and showed a mix and match of training clothes, making people laugh. ‘Self-proclaimed soccer ace’ Yang Se-chan showed his affection for the outfit, saying, “These are the pants that Kim Min-jae actually wore.” Also, it is said that Song Ji-hyo and Haha pulled off Son Heung-min's airport fashion with 99% synchronization.

In addition, the two coaches had to recruit their own players, and the members actively tried to appeal by bringing out various special moves, from heading to speed, raising curiosity about what kind of team the two coaches would form.

'Running Man', which will be broadcast this week, will be broadcast at 6:05 pm on Sunday the 24th, 10 minutes earlier than usual, as a special expanded programming.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon translated by google