Ha Jun "'It's Hyosim' 9 months long journey... Time to strengthen myself"
Ha Jun "'It's Hyosim' 9 months long journey... Time to strengthen myself"
Actor Ha Jun shared his thoughts on the end of the KBS 2TV weekend drama 'Hyoshim's Life, Each Life'.

On the 17th, KBS 2TV's weekend drama 'Hyosim's Own Life' (directed by Kim Hyeong-il, written by Jo Jeong-seon, produced by Arc Media) ended after 51 episodes. On this day, Tae-ho (played by Ha Jun) reunited with Hyo-shim (played by Yui), who left to seek independence, after a year, and they succeeded in getting married, which they had longed for, signaling a happy ending.

And two years later, Tae-ho, who became a father of twins and formed a complete family with filial piety, completed the tightly closed ending with a sense of satisfaction through his consistent 'hoping for filial piety'. It gave an ending full of love.
Ha Jun "'It's Hyosim' 9 months long journey... Time to strengthen myself"
Ha Jun "'It's Hyosim' 9 months long journey... Time to strengthen myself"
In the beginning of the drama, Ha-jun flexibly portrayed Tae-ho's change from being a harsh and cold third-generation chaebol to becoming kind and sweet after meeting Hyo-shim and opening his heart, becoming the weekend prince who received a lot of love from viewers. Ha-Jun's reassuring and warm appearance, along with his unique charm and charm, made the character even more attractive.

Tae-ho's growth narrative begins with finding his missing grandmother (played by Jeong Young-sook), uncovering the death of his deceased parents and his journey of revenge, and comforting his family after finding out the secret of his birth that Tae-min (played by Go Joo-won) is his biological brother. Singing support and empathy increased immersion in the play.

In the final episode, the sight of Tae-ho waiting for his departed Hyosim to return created a feeling of pity. Seon-sun, the mother-in-law who was against Hyoshim's marriage, was also worried about her son-in-law Tae-ho, who was waiting for Hyoshim as much as she was worried about her missing daughter. Tae-ho, who had been waiting for a while at the gym where the two first met, happened to see Hyo-shim on TV. Without hesitation, he rushed to where Hyosim was and succeeded in reuniting with Hyosim, and achieved a happy ending with the wedding everyone had been waiting for.

Actor Ha Joon, who completed his charming character with such diverse acting and brought a mother's smile, shared his thoughts on the end of the show through his agency Ace Factory.

"hello. This is actor Ha Joon, who played the role of Kang Tae-ho in ‘Hyosim, Each Life’. After 9 months of filming and the last filming in Busan, I felt moved when I hugged the director, cinematographer, and lighting director. It seems like it was a work that shared a lot of affection. I felt a lot of affection while filming, and it was a time when I strengthened myself a lot. So, it was a work I was really grateful for, and it was a time I was truly grateful for. I will work harder in the future and do my best to show a better and more interesting side of myself. He expressed his sincere gratitude by saying, “Thank you.”

Meanwhile, interest and expectations are growing in actor Ha Jun's work.

Kim Se-ah, Ten Asia reporter haesmik@tenasia.co.kr translated by google