Kim Ji-yeon, baseball player ♥ Jeong Cheol-won and ‘premarital pregnancy’
Kim Ji-yeon, baseball player ♥ Jeong Cheol-won and ‘premarital pregnancy’
'Love Catcher' cast member Kim Ji-yeon and baseball player Jeong Cheol-won announced the news of their premarital pregnancy and marriage.

On the 10th, Kim Ji-yeon posted a long message, saying, "I got some really happy news, so I decided to post this."

He then confessed, “I wanted to let you know earlier, but I watched it until it stabilized just in case, and three months have already passed.”

He said, "I still lack a lot, but I didn't want to suddenly welcome a precious life, so I made a plan, and thanks to that, I was grateful that I could greet Cheoltu, who came in time, with no complicated feelings and only joy."

In addition, he said, "The wedding was scheduled for the end of this year, but with more meaningful news, the wedding will naturally be postponed to next year." He added, "It's nice to meet Jeong Cheol-tu, the zodiac sign of the dragon, who doesn't know the gender yet (but seems to know)."

Kim Ji-yeon made her face known by appearing on Mnet's 'Love Catcher 1', which aired in 2018. Baseball player Jeong Cheol-won is a pitcher for the Doosan Bears.
Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google