Seraphim Sakura "IU concert guest, meaningful day"
Seraphim Sakura "IU concert guest, meaningful day"
Girl group Le Seraphim member Sakura expressed her feelings about appearing as a guest at IU's concert.

On the 10th, Sakura said through the fan community Weverse, "Blooma (fan club nickname) appeared as guests at senior IU's concert today... I feel like I'm still dreaming... I was truly honored and I am so, so thankful."

He continued, "Uaena (the nickname for IU's fan club) was so happy to see us and gave us a lot of strength, so it was a very heart-warming time...Uanae is really good at singing. When we all sang together, I was moved to tears. “I did it,” he added.

Sakura said, "Today, I was able to monitor for a moment from behind, so I was watching and I really felt how to express my feelings. This is what emotion is. And I think I also really felt the power of music."

He also said, "I really want to work harder and become a person who can inspire many people. Today was a really meaningful day for me. And I have many goals. Thank you to senior IU and the staff who invited me as a guest again. , Uaena and Blooma who welcomed us warmly!!! Thank you so much. I love you, senior!!!!"

Kang Min-kyung, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google