T-ara Ham Eun-jung, a belated story told
T-ara Ham Eun-jung, a belated story told
Former T-ara actress Ham Eun-jung's beautiful story became known belatedly.

Recently, a post titled ‘I actually saw Eunjung on Jeju Island’ became a hot topic in an online community. Author A mentioned that he crashed into Ham Eun-jung's foreign car while driving alone on Jeju Island in 2020.

Mr. A said, "I was going to a cafe in Jeju Island alone and I crashed into Eunjeong's parked car. I was so scared that I kept crying because I was alone. He said that this was also fate and that he would buy me food and that I had to return the car, but I couldn't drive. When I told him that he couldn't drive, he said he would call a designated driver." He said.

He added, "While I was waiting for the insurance driver, he bought me coffee and gave me snacks that he said he had. She was so kind and I thought she was an angel. At first, I thought she was just a very pretty non-celebrity, but the owner of the cafe told me that she was a celebrity, so I figured it out. She was so pretty."

Meanwhile, Ham Eun-jung, who debuted in the girl group T-ara in 2009, is preparing for her next work, KBS 1TV's new daily drama 'We Are Lost'. 'We're in Love' is a work that tells the story of Jin Soo-ji (Ham Eun-jung), a fallen star doctor, and Chae Woo-ri (Baek Seong-hyun), a novice doctor.

Reporter Ha-neul Lee, Ten Asia greenworld@tenasia.co.kr translated by google