Moon Sang-min begins to seduce his prospective sister-in-law, Jeon Jong-seo.
Moon Sang-min begins to seduce his prospective sister-in-law, Jeon Jong-seo.
'Wedding Impossible' Moon Sang-min begins a mission to seduce his future sister-in-law, Jeon Jong-seo.

In the 4th episode of tvN's Monday-Tuesday drama 'Wedding Impossible', which airs on the 5th, Lee Ji-han (played by Moon Sang-min) goes on an ultra-luxurious full course to win the heart of his future sister-in-law Na-jeong (played by Jeon Jong-seo) in order to break up the marriage of his older brother Lee Do-han (played by Kim Do-wan). prepare.

Until now, Lee Ji-han has been using all possible methods to prevent Lee Do-han and Na-jeong from getting married. This is because his goal of making his older brother the successor to LJ Group is not progressing due to the sudden appearance of Na-jeong. Lee Ji-han used persuasion, bargaining, and even raw materials to interfere with the couple's marriage, but when that didn't work, he declared war that he would take Na-jeong away from his brother as a last resort.

While people are wondering whether this plan will be successful this time, the released photos show Lee Ji-han's struggle to seduce his future sister-in-law. Mobilizing the personal connections, wealth, and reputation of the third generation of a chaebol, they aim to target Na-jeong's tastes with a full course tailored to everything from movie theaters to hotels.

As per Lee Ji-han's plan, Na-jeong has a pleasant smile on her lips, making her laugh. She even falls asleep leaning on Lee Ji-han's hand, making us wonder whether Na-jeong's wariness toward her future brother-in-law can be eased.

Above all, Lee Ji-han's seduction strategy in the play will combine with Moon Sang-min's unique doggy style to create a fantastic synergy. Accordingly, expectations are high for the performance of Moon Sang-min, a popular younger man who will capture the hearts of not only his prospective sister-in-law, but also viewers.

Meanwhile, the reappearance of Joo Hyun-young (played by Hong Na-ri), who showed off her snarky performance in the last episode, is expected to increase curiosity. Joo Hyun-young played the role of Hong Na-ri, Na-jeong's rival in the drama, and completed a detailed tiki-taka relationship with Jeon Jong-seo, a situation that caused the anger of viewers. Joo Hyun-young's passionate performance, which will enrich the play with her 'king' acting, is attracting attention.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon translated by google