Lim Ji-yeon ♥ Lee Do-hyun caught dating while on military leave
Lim Ji-yeon ♥ Lee Do-hyun caught dating while on military leave
Actors Lee Do-hyun and Lim Ji-yeon, who are in a public relationship, have been spotted dating.

On the 22nd, Lim Ji-yeon posted photos of salmon steak and soba maki on her SNS account. Afterwards, on the 23rd, a media outlet reported on Lim Ji-yeon and Lee Do-hyun's date by releasing a photo provided by a reader. It appears that Lee Do-hyun, who is serving in the military, is on vacation.

The two met through Netflix's 'The Glory' and confirmed their relationship in April last year. Both parties said, “We are close seniors and juniors, and we are getting to know each other carefully with good feelings.” Lim Ji-yeon, born in 1990, and Lee Do-hyun, born in 1995, are a couple who are five years older than each other.

In August of last year, Lee Do-hyun enlisted in the military to fulfill his national defense duties and is currently serving in the Air Force military band. It is known that Lim Ji-yeon was unable to accompany the training center due to her schedule. Lee Do-hyun's expected discharge date is May 13, 2025.

Meanwhile, Lee Do-hyun's first screen starring film, 'Breakfast' (director Jang Jae-hyeon) was released on the 22nd. Lim Ji-yeon is scheduled to return with her next film, ‘Revolver’ (directed by Oh Seung-wook) and the JTBC drama ‘Mrs. Ok’.

Reporter Ha-neul Lee, Ten Asia translated by google