Jin Seo-yeon, a force that surprised even Berlin
Jin Seo-yeon, a force that surprised even Berlin
Actress Jin Seo-yeon showed off her extraordinary force.

The agency Endmark released a behind-the-scenes cut showing Jin Seo-yeon's colorful charms at the '74th Berlin International Film Festival' through the movie 'It's Okay, It's Okay!'

The film 'It's Okay, It's Okay!', which entered the Generation K Plus category at the '74th Berlin International Film Festival', tells the story of what happens when high school student In-young (played by Lee Re), who lost her mother in a car accident, comes to live with strict art director Seol-ah (played by Jin Seo-yeon). I put it in.

'It's Okay, It's Okay!', which was previously released at the Palast Theater in Berlin, received enthusiastic cheers and applause from hundreds of audiences immediately after the screening, proving its local popularity.

In the released photo, Jin Seo-yeon matched a white long coat with a flower corsage choker, giving off a sophisticated yet elegant aura. In particular, she perfectly pulled off the all-back hairstyle and caught everyone's attention with her unique atmosphere.

In another cut, Jin Seo-yeon, who created a chic mood with an all-black set-up look, doubled her hip charm by adding a highlight with hippie perm-style hair and sunglasses.

Jin Seo-yeon, who has shown such a wide range of styles, plans to meet global fans through the official schedule of the '74th Berlin International Film Festival' until the 25th.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter ryuperstar@tenasia.co.kr translated by google