AOA Yuna celebrates 100 years with ‘♥Composer Kang Jeong-hoon’ today (18th)
AOA Yuna celebrates 100 years with ‘♥Composer Kang Jeong-hoon’ today (18th)
Yuna, from the group AOA, gets married to composer Kang Jeong-hoon.

On the 18th, Yuna will get married to Kang Jeong-hoon, a member of the production team Star Wars and the representative producer and composer of Galactica, somewhere in Seoul.

Yuna previously said, "I have found someone I want to spend the rest of my life with. This coming February, I plan to have a wedding with only close relatives." He added, "He will always be by my side and be a positive influence, and he will always be there for me so that I can always get back up again even when I'm having a hard time or falling down." He expressed his affection for Kang Jeong-hoon, saying, “He was a warm person who filled me up.”

He also said, “Thank you for supporting me with all your heart every moment since my debut. I know that the love you have given me is so great, so I will always be in the same place as Yuna, who knows how to share and give that love.”

Yuna debuted with AOA in 2012. After the expiration of his exclusive contract with FNC Entertainment in January 2021, he left the agency and left the group in the process. Yuna is currently working as a Pilates and yoga instructor.

Kang Jung-hoon is After School's 'AH', SISTAR 19's 'MA BOY', ZE:A's 'Aftereffects' and 'Breathing', Monsta X's 'Beautiful', and TWICE's 'HEART SHAKER'. , participated in Wanna One’s ‘I Promise (IPU)’, Itzy’s ‘Dalla Dalla’, and ‘Wannabe (LOCO)’.

Reporter Junho Yoon, Ten Asia translated by google