Red Velvet Seulgi opens YouTube channel ‘Hi Seulgi’
Red Velvet Seulgi opens YouTube channel ‘Hi Seulgi’
A YouTube channel called 'Hi Seulgi' has been opened where you can see the new charms of Red Velvet's Seulgi (SM Entertainment).

'Hi Seulgi' is a channel where you can check out Seulgi's trendy lifestyle, including fashion, beauty, and hobbies. The first episode will be released at 7 PM on the 8th, and various contents will be released sequentially every Friday at 7 PM thereafter. do.

In particular, as Seulgi is considered a 'wannabe icon' in all fields due to her unique style and extraordinary ability to digest concepts, this channel is expected to attract a lot of interest from global fans as it plans to showcase Seulgi's diverse side in a more friendly way.

In addition, prior to the release of the first episode, a teaser video was released as a surprise through the 'Hi Seulgi' channel at 7 PM on the 6th, further arousing curiosity about the content to be shown in the future with a sensuous video that captures Seulgi's unique mood. Raised it.

Meanwhile, Seulgi is not only gaining global popularity through Red Velvet activities, but is also receiving a lot of love for her active performance in various fields such as solo albums, OSTs, fashion, and beauty.

Ryu Ye-ji, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google