Ma Dong-seok's 'Wilderness' takes first place for 2 weeks in a row
Ma Dong-seok's 'Wilderness' takes first place for 2 weeks in a row
The Netflix movie 'Wilderness' is showing unquenchable heat.

'Wilderness' ranked first in the English and non-English categories among the global TOP 10 movies, and ranked first in the non-English language category among the global TOP 10 movies for two consecutive weeks.

According to the Netflix TOP 10 website on the 7th, 'Wilderness' recorded 18,100,000 views (viewing time divided by the total running time of the work) from January 29 to February 4, making it one of Netflix's global TOP 10 movies in English and non-English. They showed off their spirit by taking first place in the entire English category. In addition, 'Wilderness' not only took the top spot in the non-English language category of Netflix's Global Top 10 Movies for two weeks in a row, but also entered the Top 10 list in 89 countries, garnering attention even in the second week of its release.

'Wilderness' is an action blockbuster depicting the final struggle for survival among those living in a ruined world, a lawless place where only power rules.

Regarding the global popularity of 'Wilderness', director Heo Myung-haeng said, "My goal was to promote the action actor named Ma Dong-seok globally through 'Wilderness', and I am infinitely honored and grateful to not only introduce him to the world but also topped the global rankings." He expressed his gratitude towards him. Ma Dong-seok also said, “I made it with the hope that people would like action movies like ‘Wilderness,’ and I’m just grateful that they enjoyed it. “I want to continue to show Korean action,” he said, adding to expectations for ‘K-action movies’ to continue in the future.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon translated by google