Will Baek Il-seop and daughter reconcile after being separated for 7 years?
Will Baek Il-seop and daughter reconcile after being separated for 7 years?
Baek Il-seop and his wife have their first outdoor date and reveal their innermost feelings that they have buried all their lives.

TV CHOSUN Real family entertainment show 'Dad and Me' has released a trailer for the 10th episode, increasing the desire to watch with the reconciliation mood between father and daughter Baek Il-seop and the appearance of Park Si-hoo's childhood friends. Here, Baek Il-seop's daughter Ji-eun confessed, "I feel a little sorry for my dad, but since my dad drinks and smokes a lot, I looked for someone who doesn't drink, smoke, and hang out." Baek Il-seop seemed to accept it calmly, saying, “You chose someone who is the opposite of your father.”

At the same time, Baek Il-seop bowed his head at his past mistakes, saying, "You did well. I'm not saying I did well either," and "I'm not confident that I've lived well so far." Ji-eun responded, “Still, accepting it itself is a very big change,” raising expectations about whether father and daughter Baek Il-seop will be able to share their deep sincerity with each other.

Meanwhile, a 'noisy' trio came to the house of 'silent rich' Park Si-hoo and his father. The people who so comfortably called Park Si-hoo by his real name, saying “Pyeongho-ya,” were none other than his Buyeo friends. Park Si-hoo introduced them by saying, "We've been friends since birth," but he soon got caught up in the friends' talk about 'spicy taste' memories.

Park Si-hoo's friends revealed Park Si-hoo's past, saying, "He came to the reunion and bragged about appearing on TV, but he appeared for 10 seconds in the role of someone being beaten to death," and "I never thought Pyeong-ho would become a celebrity. He didn't have any special talent."

The 10th episode of TV CHOSUN's 'Dad and Me', which will feature Baek Il-seop and his wife's first outdoor date, and Park Si-hoo and 'Buyeo Chin Chin's' real-life version of 'Boys' Generation', will be aired at 10 pm on the 7th.

Ten Asia Reporter Kim Seo-yoon seogugu@tenasia.co.kr translated by google