Actress Lee Yu-mi, refreshing visuals
Actress Lee Yu-mi, refreshing visuals
Actress Lee Yu-mi's pictorial for the fashion magazine Marie Claire has been released.

This pictorial was taken with the modern makeup artist brand NARS, and Lee Yu-mi wore a makeup look with outstanding colors.

In the pictorial, Lee Yu-mi showed off spring makeup with clear and bright colors as if it were painted with watercolor. In particular, it brought excitement with its neat visuals, reminiscent of the fresh and refreshing spring itself.

Lee Yu-mi, who played the role of Gang Nam-soon, a quirky and lively person with super strength, in JTBC's 'Strong Woman Gang Nam-soon' last year, portrayed a character who goes back and forth between bright energy and charisma. Additionally, his next work is the Netflix series ‘Mr. This is the role of Jo Jae-mi, the main character of ‘Plankton’.

Reporter Ha-neul Lee, Ten Asia translated by google