Joo Ho-min, special education teacher, found guilty of child abuse
Joo Ho-min, special education teacher, found guilty of child abuse
A special education teacher accused of emotionally abusing the son of webtoon writer Joo Ho-min was found guilty in the first trial.

On the 1st, Suwon District Court Criminal Division 9 Judge Kwak Yong-heon postponed the sentencing of a fine of 2 million won to Mr. A, an elementary school special education teacher who was indicted on charges of child abuse.

Deferred sentencing is a ruling that postpones the sentencing of a minor crime for a certain period of time, and virtually cancels it after two years from the date of deferment.

The court said, "The defendant, who had a duty to protect the victim, committed emotional abuse, and the guilt is not light. However, some of the remarks in question appear to be emotional abuse due to unintentional intent, and overall, it appears to have been made with the intention of educational purposes." “We took into account the fact that it was not clear how much harm was actually done to the victim’s mental health development,” the ruling ruled.

On September 13, 2022, in a customized learning class at an elementary school in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, Mr. A said to Joo's son (9 years old), "You have very bad habits. Oh, I hate you. I hate you to death. I hate you. I hate you too. I really hate you." He is accused of emotionally abusing the child victim by saying,

Joo Ho-min's side sent his son to school with a tape recorder last year and reported Mr. A to the police on charges of child abuse based on the recorded content.

At the decision hearing held on the 15th of last month, the prosecution requested that Mr. A be sentenced to 10 months in prison, an order to complete school completion, and a 3-year employment restriction.

Joo Ho-min plans to announce his position through his personal channel at 9 PM on this day.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google