Actress Moon Ji-in and comedian Kim Ki-ri get married in May
Actress Moon Ji-in and comedian Kim Ki-ri get married in May
Actress Moon Ji-in becomes May's bride. Moon Ji-in and Kim Ki-ri announced the news of their relationship and marriage through their agency.

Moon Ji-in's agency, Sim Story Co., Ltd., officially announced the couple's marriage through an official press release on the 29th.

Moon Ji-in brought vitality to the drama as a new PD voice actor in the drama tvN's 'Kill Hill', and played a great role as the president and manager of Seo Hyun-jin's one-man agency in JTBC's 'Beauty Inside'. In SBS's 'Doctors', he left a mark on viewers as Park Shin-hye's friend and a lively character who brings vitality to the drama, and in 'Daegun - Drawing Love', he received a lot of attention for his elegant yet stable acting that is unique to historical dramas.

Recently, Moon Ji-in appeared on SBS' 'Girls Who Hit Goal' and captured the hearts of viewers with her honest and simple charm.

Kiri Kim, who was reborn as a talented actor from a comedian who dominated the stage by hitting various catchphrases and corners, met the audience with the play 'Hertzclan'.

Kiri Kim has various dramas and movies, including the movies 'Love at the End of the Century' and 'Bikwang', the TV drama 'Queen Woo', KBS 2TV 'Hello? It's me!', 'What's wrong with Mr. Poong Sang', MBC every1 'Please Don't Meet That Man', etc. He built his acting career through .

Moon Ji-in said through her agency, “He is a sincere person who cares about me. “We will become a couple who works hard and has the same mindset and attitude towards each other.”

Moon Ji-in and Kim Ki-ri's wedding is scheduled to be held privately somewhere in downtown Seoul in May.

Taeyuna, Ten Asia Reporter translated by google